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Hybrid Vehicles Save You Gas Money
Two or more power sources, such as gasoline and electric batteries, are used to extend gas mileage and reduce emissions. The desired net effects are to lessen the impact that our cars and trucks have on the environment, reduce dependence on foreign oil, and save money for the owner of the vehicle.

Today's hybrids are primarily gas and electric, but future models may utilize hydrogen or pure ethanol.

Generally, today's models run on electric power during stop-and-go city driving, and electric power out on the highway. The batteries are recharged during highway driving and during braking. The cost of a hibred vehicle is generally only slightly more than the same model offered as a non-hybrid.

2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid
Manufacturer's suggested retail price $22,870. - $23,190. 4-door sport utility. Available engines: 2.4L L4, 2.2L l4, 3.5L V6. Transmissions: 4-Speed Automatic, 5-Speed Manual or 5-Speed Automatic. All-wheel drive.

2007 Saturn Vue Hybrid


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Saturn Vue Hybrid
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This website features hybrid SUV vehicles for informational purposes only. No offer to sell or lease hybrid vehicles is intended or implied.

Alternate spellings: hybred vehicles, hibred cars, hi bred, high bred, highbred or hibrid vehicles

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